At your first visit we will provide you with paperwork to detail your health history, and health goals. After filling this out you will meet with the doctor to discuss these details and to see if chiropractic care could benefit you. If you would prefer to reduce the time of your first visit you may fill out the new patient intake forms in advance. They can be downloaded here.

Initial Visit Includes

Initial Consultation

After the details of your health history are discussed, your doctor will conduct a thorough exam with the goal of detecting areas of possible vertebral subluxation. The exam will include:

A posture evaluation to see if your posture might be fostering pain and breakdown in the spine. Feeling the spine to check for inflammation, swelling, tenderness, or abnormal tightness in the spine and muscles. An evaluation of the movement within each individual area of the spine to assess the ranges of motion and any areas that might be interfering with nerve signals. 

Digital X-Ray Studies: X-rays will enable your doctor to see the entire structure of your spine. This is helpful in evaluating for any disease processes, fractures, posture, joint and disc integrity, and vertebral misalignments. It allows the doctor to provide you with the most accurate, thorough, and professional care. 

Please note: Our X-rays consist of only 2 views and are affordable. Proper shielding helps us to significantly reduce x-ray exposure. This gives precise information for how the adjustment needs to be specifically applied. 

Pregnant women are not X-rayed. 


After your first visit a complete analysis of the information acquired will be done. Your second visit will be a time for you and the doctor to go over any findings, and your X-rays. From there, a plan for care can be determined. It is highly encouraged that you bring a family member, friend or spouse, to be another set of eyes and ears. We will discuss recommendations and notify you if in fact we feel chiropractic care is for you. 

After you have reviewed your report you can decide if you would like to begin.

Look well to the spine for the cause of disease ~ Hippocrates ~