Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an essential component to your prenatal choices. During pregnancy Chiropractors focus specifically on your pelvis and the nerves that control all aspects of growth and balance. It is crucial to ensure your nervous system is in a state of balance. This will facilitate an ideal internal environment for your little one to grow and develop, as well as encourage a safer and easier brith.


Regular chiropractic adjustments benefit women and help them prepare for a safer, easier birth for both themselves and their babies.  Recently with the increased interest in natural birthing, and in an effort to avoid having a C-section, a growing number of mothers have incorporated chiropractic into their prenatal care. In order to understand why chiropractic care can contribute to a better safer birth, we must look at the biomechanics of the mother's pelvis, as well as the neurological role the nerves play in labor and birth. 

With pregnancy a mother’s weight increases, her center of gravity shifts outward and postural compensations respond accordingly. In addition pregnancy hormones produce ligament laxity necessary for birthing which results in less stability of the joints of the body, including her spine and pelvis. In order for a safe and easy birth to occur the nerves must be able to send good and strong signals to the uterus during birth. Subluxations within the spine lessen the signal from these nerves which can lead to difficult labors that will not progress. It is essential that the mother's pelvis be balanced to allow for smooth and un-interfered passage of baby.