I am on a journey of healing from a chronic tailbone injury that had me living in severe, numbing pain for 15 years. Dr. Kristen was the first chiropractor who took x-rays to see my tailbone and treat it. Through her care and chiropractic adjustments I got feeling back in my legs and low back.... I didn't even know how much feeling I had lost, until it came back.... thank you Dr. Kristen for your care!!! I believe in chiropractic because it has been vital in my healing... !
I would also encourage anyone reading this to attend a session that Dr. Kristen runs - she's great at giving insight into WHY chiropractic "works" and is so important! Much love on your journey to optimal health!!!


If you're looking for a chiropractor, your search is over! Dr. Kristen has been adjusting myself and my children (1.5 year old and 6 week old) for a few years and is amazing at what she does! I was in her care throughout both my pregnancy and largely attribute my smooth labours due to her! Dr. Kristen has been adjusting both my girls since birth (only a few days after they were born). I felt it was important for them to be functioning at their best after birth and throughout their infancy. She is excellent at explaining everything she is doing as she makes the adujstments which makes me feel more comfortable and extremely helpful to understand whats going on! My kids (and myself) just love her, she is soft spoken and gentle making the whole experience enjoyable. 
Although we haven't been adjusted by Dr. Scott (yet!) his friendly, easy to talk to nature makes my self and children feel so welcome and comfortable. I would see him in a heartbeat!

"Before Owen started chiropractic care we were having a lot of behavioural and emotional issues on a daily basis. Looking for answers we sought out a pediatrician who wanted to diagnose him with sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and anxiety. 

We wanted to take a more natural approach, so Owen started to take vitamins, fish oil, and other essential supplements. With all these changes nothing seemed to help Owen. Going the natural route and trying something unknown is always scary, the question and the "what could happens" come to mind. 

We decided upon chiropractic care for Owen and it has been absolutely life-changing! Owen has become a completely different child from when we were struggling with the potential of all the different diagnoses. The best part of the journey with chiropractic care has been seeing how much happier and overall healthier he is now. Compared to the rest of the family, Owen has bypassed all the common sicknesses we get. He is not only happier, but he is significantly more emotionally balanced. He is no longer crying at the drop of a pin like he did in the past. Owen now understands his emotions a lot more.

For those of you thinking about chiropractic care, do not be scared. We often think of chiropractic with fear, especially involving our children and them being adjusted. Now that we have experienced chiropractic and having a trusting relationship, it's not scary at all. It has been a positive, life-changing experience for Owen and our family." ~Rose